Locus Restaurant & Lounge – Scrumptious Breakfast

Locus has been sitting on my wishlist for far too long. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to visit here since I adore breakfast so much and Locus is fairly centrally located on Main Street.
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Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum in Burnaby

There’s a new restaurant in town and it’s called Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant.  I have (not so fond) memories of eating at the AYCE Chinese buffet that previously occupied this location.
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Amelia – Chinese Canadian Cafe

Amelia is a Chinese Canadian Cafe in New Westminster located on 12th Street (not to be confused with the similar Amelia Cafe located on 6th Street) and serves up a combination of both westernized-Chinese food and typical diner fare. Read the rest of this entry

Basho Cafe – Mochi Mochi Matcha

Hmmm… a Japanese cafe? There’s an abundance of sushi restaurants in Vancouver, but I think this is the first Japanese cafe that I’ve been to.
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Shaolin Noodle House – Hand-Cut Noodles

Shaolin Noodle House is a fairly spacious restaurant located on West Broadway. While the joint wasn’t too busy when I visited on a Friday before noon, the lunch crowd soon filled the place up with hungry patrons.
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Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant @ the Best Western

It’s interesting how some restaurants seem to be located in the most inexplicable locations. Now, in the Lower Mainland (Burnaby to be specific), the location of a Shanghai restaurant attached to a Best Western isn’t too strange given the large Asian population here.

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Sun Sui Wah (Richmond) – Spot Prawns 2014

For some reason or another, we rarely visit the Sun Sui Wah in Richmond. But, after a few unsatisfying Spot Prawn dinners at other restaurants this year, and finding ourselves in the area, we decided to give this a try.

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Lalibela Ethiopian

I’ll admit it… as someone who grew up in the 80’s and the great famine that struck Ethiopia during that decade, whenever I hear about Ethiopian cuisine, I’ve wondered what kind of food would an Ethiopian restaurant possibly serve?
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Krause Berry Farms

Krause Berry Farms spans over 200 acres in Langley Township and is more than just a berry farm… they’ve got a bakery, fudgery, creamery, market and winery. In some respects, it reminds me of our visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. Read the rest of this entry

A Taste of Ukraine (Burnaby)

A Taste of Ukraine is a mixed-use store that comprises a deli, grocery store, and gift ware shop. If you’ve got a craving for some Eastern European fare, this is an interesting place to stop by.

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Fratelli Bakery (New West)

Fratelli’s has always been one of our favourite Italian bakeries on Commercial Drive. So, when we heard that they were opening a second store front in the old Bella Cakes location, we’ve been looking for a reason to head down to Sapperton. Read the rest of this entry

Salty’s Fish & Chips (New West)

Salty’s Fish & Chips currently has 8 locations (4 in the Lower Mainland and 4 on Vancouver Island) and has been around since the 70’s. Still, until my visit recently… I’ve never heard of them before. Perhaps it’s because there are so many places that you can find fish and chips in Vancouver.
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