YEW seafood + bar – Breakfast

For a while, I was having a lot of trouble finding places to eat for breakfast.  Most traditional restaurants don’t open for breakfast until 10am unless you’re going to IHOP or Mickey D’s.  Then I discovered hotel restaurants like YEW seafood + bar located in the Four Seasons hotel.

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Hyoga Japanese Cuisine – Aburi Yuzu Salmon Sashimi

When I first visited Hyoga Japanese Cuisine on Kingsway, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.  Three meals here within two days and I was hooked.

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Mucho Burrito – Taco Revisit

On our last visit to Mucho Burrito for tacos, we found that they were made quite sloppy and with so much liquids that it was impossible to eat properly.  It’s been a while since that last visit so we thought it was a good time for a revisit.

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Mui Garden (Victoria Drive) – Not So Secret Dining Room

We’ve been to Mui Garden in the past, but we were completely unaware that they have a “secret” dining room in the back of the restaurant.  Okay, so it’s not completely secret but it was a surprise to us. Read the rest of this entry

Taste of Punjab – Lamb Vindaloo and Butter Chicken

The Punjab region of South Asia is quite large and comprises both the Punjab province of Pakistan as well as the Punjab state of India.  The name takes itself from the Persian words “panj” meaning “five” and “aab” meaning water and refers to the five tributaries of the Indus River.  Okay, enough with the geography lesson, let’s get back to the reason why you’re here… namely food.

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Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe – The Windmill Pannekoek

There’s something about the interior of the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe that reminds me a bit of The Diner.  I mean, sure… The Diner is British while the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe is, um, Dutch.  Nevertheless, the kitschy knick knacks from the Netherlands is very reminiscent of the tchotchkes at The Diner.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar – The Banella

What exactly is a “banella” you may ask?  Part banana, part Nutella and all waffle! Read the rest of this entry

Kiku Sushi – Lunch Combos

Kiku Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in a mini mall in Burnaby, across from London Drugs. We’ve been here a few times before because it’s convenient when we’re running errands. Read the rest of this entry

Yolk’s Restaurant and Commissary

Okay, so I’ve always been a fan of Yolk’s food truck… but then again, I love breakfast food.  The only thing that I didn’t like about their food truck is that it’s difficult to truly enjoy a poached egg while standing on the street and holding the take-out container in one hand. Read the rest of this entry

Prince Chinese Seafood – Expensive but Tasty

Prince Chinese Seafood is an unassuming looking restaurant from the outside; located in a mini mall on the corner of Renfrew and Grandview Hwy. However, once you walk inside, you can clearly see that this restaurant is upper scale with prices to match. The decor is filled with neutral beige and browns punctuated with purple cloth napkins. Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan (Alaskan King Crab – 2014)

Alaskan King Crab.  Those three words stir the imagination of many Asian diners… especially during the month of March when these ginormous crustaceans are “in season”.  Unfortunately, with the growing economy of China, most of these tasty crabs are diverted to the Asian market to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the Chinese middle class.

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Purple Lotus – Vietnamese in New West

No, Purple Lotus has nothing to do with Barney or yoga. Instead, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant located in New West along 12th Street.  In keeping with their name, however, the interior does have many shades of purple but suffers from looking a bit dated.  Read the rest of this entry