Sun Sui Wah – King Crab 2.0

King Crab at Sun Sui Wah – Round 2.

If you’ve read my previous blog, you’ll recall that we had some set backs with our King Crab Feast when we went on a weekend… This time around, we chose wisely and went on a weekday (hoping it would be slower and, therefore, better service).  Here’s a link the the last King Crab post: All Hail the King (Crab)!

I won’t bore you with all the mundane details because I’m sure you’re just hear to see the pics.  King Crab was $16 per pound and well worth it.

First up was the Peking Duck.  Or should I say Peking Duck x2?


Next is the King Crab steamed with garlic.  This was about 13 1/2 pounds (twice the size of our last one) and cooked perfectly.


No matter how good the steamed King Crab was, the deep fried “knuckles” were even better.


4 lb lobster with noodles in cream sauce.  This just melted in your mouth.


To make things a little more nutritious, we had to get some veggies.  Stir fried snow pea tips with garlic, scallops with veggies, and a dish that I’m not really sure what it was.  But it did have tofu (along with scallops, shrimp and mushrooms) so I call it a veggie dish.


As if we didn’t have enough food, steamed chicken with ginger and green onions, oyster hot pot (they were really huge oysters), and beef hot pot.


Unlike the last time during the weekend, this time, the food came fast and furiously and we couldn’t keep up.  Even after the waiter moved some of the remaining dishes onto smaller plates, it was a tight fit.  You can see the two dishes of duck lettuce wrap that we managed to squeeze on the table.

And the tapioca and taro dessert.

All in all, way better than the weekend and just like I remembered from last year.  Yes it was a bit more expensive than some other restaurants, but I think it was well worth it.

Food: 5 / 5
Service 4.5 / 5

3888 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC

Sun Sui Wah on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hi Penny and Rusty! You guys are cute puppies 😉 Looks like you had an incredible feast at Sun Sui Wah.

    • Hi Taya, Fortunately, there were 13 of us so we were able to try a lot of dishes 🙂 (although we did have to pack some leftovers afterwards). I think next year, we’ll try some other restaurants for king crab. Do you know how much the crab cost at Empire Seafood?

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