Boston Pizza… more than just pizza?

Haven’t eaten at Boston Pizza for quite a while – partly because we’ve been trying to cut back on pasta lately and from what I remembered, they mostly served pizza and pasta. Being unable to decide what to have for lunch, we remembered that Boston Pizza gives bonus Air Miles (I know… kind of a silly reason but free stuff is still free stuff).

It wasn’t very busy for Sunday lunch and the hostess sat us in a quiet area near the bar… which was kind of nice because a family with noisy kids came in later and was seated in the main dining area.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that they were offering some different dishes besides just pasta and pizza. It wasn’t an extensive menu but it was still a nice change.

I went with the BP’s Prime Rib Burger with cheese and bacon and cactus cut potatoes.  I was really looking forward to the cactus cut potatoes but was slightly disappointed -guess I thought they would taste more like kettle-cooked chips.  Some were nice and crsipy but others seemed like they were either not cooked long enough or were sitting in oil too long because they were soft.  The chips were served with “cactus dip” which is basically a ranch-style dip.   The burger itself was pretty good.. plenty of fixings (lettuce, tomato, large sliced pickles and onions (which I prefer over the diced kind) and I opted for the optional cheese and bacon.  Wish the cheese would have been melted more onto the patty though.  The meat kind of reminded me of something you’d get from M&M Meat Shoppe but that didn’t bother me too much.  The menu description says their secret ingredient is a “zesty sauce that simply defies description” which is partly correct since all I saw was a scant smudge of it on the bottom of the bun (nothing like the picture in their menu).

We also had the chopped chicken salad.  Not that exciting but a nice choice if you weren’t in the mood for carbs.

If you’re looking for somewhere to top up your Air Miles or if you were looking to try something different than the Red Robin’s next door, this might be the place for you.  But if you’re looking for a good burger, you’re better off to trot down to Romer’s Burger Bar.

Food:  3 / 5
Service:  3 / 5

104-4680 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Boston Pizza (Burnaby Metrotown) on Urbanspoon


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