Banana Leaf (Fairview)

We don’t make it down to Broadway too often but when we do, we always hear the beckoning of Banana Leaf.  There are a lot of great things on the menu but the best deal is to start off with the Appetizer Platter for 2:

It starts with the papaya and pineapple green salad served with a lemon grass vinaigrette.  I’m not usually a salad person but i could eat this all day long.

They follow it up with a platter of roti canai (very flaky and fluffy – again, I could eat this all day) served with a delish curry dip, tender calamari, and vegetable spring rolls.  I know a lot of people prefered the roti at Bo Laksa King.  I’ve tried Bo before they closed but I actually like the roti at Banana Leaf better.

And they complete the appetizer platter with marinated chicken skewers with a great spicy peanut dip.

Pretty much everything else on the menu is very good.

The mee goreng is a fried egg noodle dish with a whole slew of stuff like shrimp, beef, egg, tomato, and tofu.

The nasi lemak with mixed sambal seafood has a little of everything:  rice servied with egg, peanuts, sambal anchovies, rendang beef, fish, prawns, squid and cucumber.

 Of course, you should also try one of their fruity drinks too.

Food:  5 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5

Update:  Check out their Rasa Summer Platter while it’s still available.

820 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC

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