Thai Food (Metrotown)

It’s a little refreshing to have a very simple and direct name for a restaurant.  Case in point, Thai Food (located in the food court at Metrotown) serves thai food.. well, at least some thai food.  I would probably categorize it more as an asian fast food establishment.  Sure, there’s some curry dishes, lemongrass pork, and pad thai… but for the most part, it’s a rice/noodle plus meat or veggie place (just like all the other asian restaurants in the food court).

What I really like, however, is their BBQ Duck Noodle Soup.

They don’t skimp on the bbq duck (some pieces are a little fattier than others – but that’s kind of to be expected for duck).  It’s especially good if you top it off with the diced jalepeno peppers and spicy soy sauce.

The rest of the food’s not bad.  Pretty good considering it’s from the food court.  Above is the spicy green beans with beef brisket on noodles.

All-in-all, not as good as Thai Express, but still pretty good (especially if you’re stuck at the mall).

* Update (July 28, 2013): It’s been a long time since we’ve eaten here. When we visited today, it seemed like the owners may have changed because the food’s not the same (it doesn’t even seem like they’re trying) and the service was lacking. The cashier kept looking at my $20 bill thinking that it was counterfeit (it wasn’t). She kept looking at it and asking others (they all told her it was real). In the end, she tried to overcharge me for 3 items instead of 2.

4820 Kingsway (Metrotown Food Court)
Burnaby, BC

Thai Food (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon


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