Cactus Club (Byrne Road) Bar Time

Normally, we prefer to eat in the dining room… there’s more room and it’s not as noisy.  Tonight, it was pretty busy and we didn’t feel like waiting 30 minutes for a table so we decided to eat at the bar.  We usually only go to the Cactus Club on Byrne Road for lunch (see our previous entry here) so we decided we should try some of their dinner entrees tonight.

Since we were at the bar, it only seemed right that we order some drinks.


Their bellini seemed to be a little stronger than the one at Milestones (and doesn’t come with a cute little plastic toy :-p).  The virgin Brazilian was good… muddled kiwi, lime, sugar cane in soda (regular ones come with rum).

One of the benefits of sitting at the bar is you get to watch the barkeeps mix all the different drinks.  Plus, they’ve got huge tvs plastered all over the place so you don’t have to miss any of the playoffs!

The description of Rob’s Hunter Chicken on their menu really doesn’t do it justice (they should put pictures in their menu).  When this dish came out, all of the other people sitting at the bar asked what it was and I must admit that it did look good.

Normally, it comes with potatoes but we decided to opt for more veggies.  The tender chicken is smothered in 4 different types of mushrooms and it’s a very substantial dish.

I’ve had the short rib sandwich at lunch, so when I saw the Double Braised Pineapple Hoisin Short Rib on the menu, I knew what I was going to have.

While I thought the snap peas were a little salty (and for some reason, some of the tips were a bit pokey), the rest of the dish was great.  The very tender short rib covered in mushrooms went well with the slight kick of the chili sauce (although I don’t think I could really taste the pineapple in the hoisin sauce).  And who doesn’t like mashed potatoes?

I thought it was a little strange how the people sitting to the right of us at the bar had ordered their food and drinks, gotten their appetizers, and decided to move to the dining area when their little round pager went off.  I figure if you’re already seated at the bar, why go through the whole effort of moving all of your food and stuff to the dining room?  Sure, it’s a little more private, but the food tastes just as good at the bar as it does in the dining room.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5

7320 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC

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