Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant

We’ve driven by Happy Valley many times before and it always seemed really busy (no matter what time of the day it was).  So when we were finished with some early morning errands and noticed that it wasn’t too busy yet, we decided to give it a try.  It was just past 10am and we managed to luck out and find the last space in the parking lot.

The first thing we noticed was that they were still serving king crab (just under $16 per pound) but it was too early in the morning for that so we decided to go with dim sum instead.

The first thing we noticed when the food arrived was how large the portions were.  I’m guessing that’s why the place is always so busy (kind of like how Anton’s always has a line up of people waiting to get in).  By about 11am, things got very busy at the restaurant.  They don’t have a large waiting area so people were all crammed in the front door and the parking is even worse (double and triple-parked cars, cars on the sidewalk, etc…).

The steamed beef balls were large and generally good.  Although I would have preferred if they had more greens in them (kind of miss having the peas inside them).

The deep fried taro dumplings were rather large too but I think they used too much taro (and I found some kind of tough piece of meat in one of them that I couldn’t chew through).

Unlike the rest of the dishes, the steamed beef rice rolls seemed to be on the small side.  Not bad tasting but nothings really spectacular.

On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the Chinese donut rice rolls and thought it was the best of the dishes we ordered.  The crispiness of the deep fried donut was a perfect contrast to the soft rice roll.

When the sui mai arrived, our eyes really popped open because we had never seen them so large before.  I was starting to worry that we ordered too much food because I wasn’t expecting the dishes to be so large.  Fortunately, the sui mai was tasty so I didn’t give it a second thought.

The last dish that we ordered was radish cake.  We were expecting the pan-fried radish cake that we normally get at dim sum so when they brought us a bowl of “white stuff” I thought they brought us someone else’s dish.  Then we looked closer and realized that it was steamed radish cake topped with shredded dried scallops.  While it wasn’t what I expected, it was still pretty good (and like most of the other dishes, quite large for the price they charged).

Was the restaurant “Happy”?  Was it happier than Happy Family Restaurant?  Not sure, but by the looks of the people at the tables, they seemed satisified.

All-in-all, the food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t spectacular… but it had good size dishes at a fair price.

Food:  3 / 5
Service:  3 / 5

3432 Lougheed Hwy
Vancouver, BC

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