New India Buffet

When am I going to learn to stop going to Indian Buffets?

We were walking along West Broadway and (as usual) we couldn’t decide on where to have lunch.  That’s when we noticed the smell of curry wafting through the air.  We looked up and saw the big sign for New India Buffet toting how they had a 40 item buffet.  We figured why not give it a shot and walked towards where we thought the entrance was.  It was a little odd because it was tucked all the way in the back of what looked like an office building.  The good thing about this is that it’s actually more like it’s on 8th Ave so there’s a pretty good view of downtown Vancouver from inside the restaurant.

The service was a bit lacking.  They sat us down at a booth and brought a pitcher of water and then pretty much left us alone.  We had never eaten here before so we were kind of wondering whether it was only a buffet or if they had an actual menu that you could order from.  After a few moments, we decided to just help ourselves to the buffet.

First off, I’m not really sure about their claim of 40 items.  I tried counting and only came up with about 36 at most (and that’s including all of the different varieties of jello and chutneys).

One of the problems with buffets is that the food is only as good as it is fresh.  Unfortunately, on our first go around, I could tell that some of the items had been sitting there too long.   Course, that didn’t stop me from filling up my plate.


The food was okay for a buffet but not really great.  Oddly enough, I thought the best dish was the cole slaw… nice and crunchy and creamy at the same time.  I never liked how some places have really green coleslaw but I didn’t mind this one.  I’m thinking they must have added food colouring to make it look green because I later noticed that there was some strange blueish-green colouring on parts of it (like it wasn’t mixed in well).

The naan wasn’t fluffy at all and was a kind of tough.  The butter chicken wasn’t bad but tasted a little different than I’m used to.  I tried the egg curry but it was strange.  Oh, and the masala fries didn’t really taste any different that regular fries (and they were a little soggy).


The veggie pakoras were pretty good.  Nice and crunchy exterior and soft on the inside.  A bit dry but perfect for soaking up all the sauce.  I don’t remember much from the lamb curry (think there were only small pieces of lamb in the dish).

One of the problems with Indian buffets is that they are very carb-intensive.  You need the rice and bread to soak up all of the good sauces.  By the time you get to your second plate, you’re usually so stuffed that you can’t eat any more.


I’m not sure if jello is a traditional Indian dessert but I did appreciate that they had 3 different colours.

On my second go around, I noticed that they had brought some fresher food so I couldn’t help but try them out to see if they were better than the food during my first go around.  They did taste better but it was a big mistake because I had filled up on too much already.  The beef keema went well with the fresher fries that they put out (almost like self-made chili fries).


As I mentioned earlier, the service wasn’t that great.  We had asked for the bill at the end of our meal but they directed us to go to the bar to pay.

I waddled away afterwards, hoping that I’d remember to stop going to any future Indian buffets… but knowing full well that some places (like Saffron) are much better and will probably tempt me in a few months.

Food:  2 / 5
Service: 2 / 5

805 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Stop going to Buffet place and try one dish and see the different in taste. try
    Indian restaurant’s at 65th ave and fraser st. name tandoori raj

    • Haven’t tried Tandoori Raj yet but I have tried a bunch of other Indian places that weren’t AYCE… just haven’t had a chance to blog about them yet. Indian AYCE usually isn’t worth it because you get filled up on the rice, naan, and all the sauces.

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