Columbus Restaurant

We didn’t really feel like cooking tonight and, as luck would have it, a flyer for Columbus Restaurant came in the junk mail today.  Columbus Restaurant is a small little restaurant tucked away in a little corner of Killarney Square.  When you enter the restaurant, it actually looks larger because of the huge mirror on the wall that makes the room seem twice as large.

We picked the Chef’s Mistake pizza (partly because of the awesome name)… it was really tasty.  It comes with mushrooms, shrimp, onions, green peppers, bacon, pineapple, and olives.

The pizza was loaded with toppings and had a nice thin crust.  This was very good.  I think next time, I might want to try their Everything But the Waitress pizza.


The Caesar salad was a bit strange because it didn’t taste cold (but that might have been because it was sitting on the pizza when I was driving it home).  The baked lasagna came with a basic green salad and garlic bread while the roast lamb came with a greek salad and pita bread.

The baked lasagna in meat sauce was pretty good and more along the lines of what I’m expecting when I order baked lasagna for take-out (unlike the lasagna at Kinemi’s Kitchen).   The garlic bread was perfect for sopping up the sauce.

The roast lamb comes with rice pilaf and roast potatoes (although the potatoes seemed almost like wedge cut fries).  The lamb was nice and tender and a pretty big portion although it wasn’t as flavourful as the lamb that we usually get at Ramie’s Greek Restaurant.  Similarly, the rice was a bit plain… it would have been better if they served it with some roast veggies like Ramie’s.

All in all, pretty good food.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

Update:  Guess what?  We’ve tried the Everything But The Waitress pizza – check out our post here.

2639 East 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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