Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant / Vancouver Vietnamese Restaurant

We were actually planning on going to Ashiana Tandoori Restaurant on Kingsway (since we haven’t been there in ages and felt that we need to give it some business to make sure they don’t close down)… but when we got there, we were surprised that they were closed!

We checked their website and it said they should be open and there wasn’t any special notices on the door saying they would be closed (for vacation?) so we were left with 2 possible causes: 1) they just went out of business recently (in which case, I feel kind of bad) or 2) they’re just lazy for not being open when they say they’ll be open.

Figuring that Main Street was nearby, we headed over to try and find somewhere else to eat.  While walking along about 4 blocks of Main (near King Edward), I was surprised by the number of restaurants that were closed… must be a trend in lazy restaurant owners I guess.

I’ve heard of Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant before (have a coupon from the entertainment book) and knew it was somewhere on Main Street but I’ve read that they don’t like it when you use a coupon there so I wasn’t planning on eating there.  We wound up going into a place called Vancouver Vietnamese Restaurant and didn’t realize that it was the same restaurant until we got home…. it was a bit strange because all of the signs, take-out menu, etc… all says Vancouver Vietnamese Restaurant.

Not that it matters much… the food was still good.  The decor was a bit kitschy and brought back memories of the 80’s.  It was also very utilitarian – each table was stocked with a supply of utensils and sauces to choose from.

We started out with the Deep Fried Wonton Imperial with spicy imperial sauce.  The wontons were pretty good (not as plump in the filling as some places but better than most).  I only wish the sauce was a little thicker.

The combos seemed like the best choice to sample a bunch of different items.  Combo #5 comes with prawn supreme on sugar cane (shrimp mixed with spices and wrapped on a stick of sugar cane), minced pork brochette, roll dip, and steamed crepes served on rice vermicelli.  The pork balls were a bit tough but everything else was really good.

The House Combo also came with steamed crepes, rice vermicelli, and roll dip but is served with beef brochette and chicken brochette… oh, how I long for summer weather to come to Vancouver so we can enjoy bbqing skewers without having to worry about rain.  But I digress, the skewers here were good (although I preferred the beef over the chicken).

The service seemed friendly enough (although I wonder what it would have been like if we had used a coupon)… the owner seemed to enjoy working there and greeted everyone with a “hello, brother” when they came in.  I suppose he could have just had a big family and they all decided to visit the place today but I’m guessing he’s just trying to make everyone feel at home.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

4136 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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