Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

I must have walked by Dynasty Seafood Restaurant many times but never noticed it because it`s tucked in the back of a building on West Broadway and Willow (kind of like New India Buffet).  Unlike nearby Golden Great Wall Szechuan, Dynasty specializes only in Southern Chinese dim sum.

It was pretty busy so it must have a loyal following.  When we first walked in, the first thing that I noticed was that many of the tables had already been reserved… so if you plan to go, either go early, make reservations, or be ready for a bit of a wait.

The first dish is the steamed pork dumplings (sui mai).  I thought it was pretty good but then again, how can you go wrong with something topped with tobiko?

All of the other tables seemed to have ordered the eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste and this was pretty solid.  To be honest, it’s really the sauce that makes the dish taste good.

I wanted to try something I haven’t had before and the deep fried shrimp with century egg spring rolls caught my eye.  I was really looking forward to tasting how they combined the preserved egg with the shrimp but was sadly disappointed to find the filling to be less that plentiful.

The wrapper had an interesting texture to it… crispy on the outside and a little chewy on the inside layer.  I could also swear I could taste ginger tucked somewhere on the inside which was nice.  Notice the small sliver of century egg in the picture below?  That was probably the biggest piece in the entire dish.

The steamed beef balls were a little unmemorable.  Definately not as good as Kirin but not as bad as some other places.  I’m not much of a chicken feet person so I can’t tell you how they tasted.

The dish that I thought was the best by far was the deep fried taro with bbq duck dumpling.  It is very easy for some places to make this dish too dry (if they use too much taro or if the filling is too dry).  It’s really the filling that made this so yummy and juicy on the inside.  I should have taken a photo of the inside so you can see all the different ingredients tucked inside but I got carried away with how good it tasted that I just devoured it.

Lo mai gai is very similar to jung (zongzi) but uses lotus leaves instead of bamboo leaves as the wrapper.  Also, shape-wise, lo mai gai tends to be rectangular instead of triangular/pyramid shaped like jung.  The fillings are very similar but lo mai gai doesn’t use beans and usually has more varied fillings.

It’s a little hard to tell in the picture, but there’s chicken, chinese mushrooms, chinese sausage and egg in there.  Even though the portion may seem small, it is a very hearty meal as the sticky rice really sticks to your gut.

I know a lot of other posts mentioned that they had good service but I didn’t really notice anything outstanding about the service (maybe it was because we were a small table or maybe it was too busy?).

Food: A little hit and miss and depends on what you order
Service: 2.5 / 5

108 – 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Hey, Penny, Rusty (& Sophie),
    Welcome to the club! I happened to spot your unique-it’s-got-to-be-them blog name on Urbanspoon while I was looking up something!
    Have you been Foodspotting too?

    Btw, with your mobile optimized template, it may be easier to navigate…but impossible to comment on (I’m using the iPad2) so I had to seek out the original site to post a comment. I disabled optimization on my own blog when I found it was compromising the look and feel by selecting random thumbnails.

    Great start…you seem to be eating out way more than us!

    • Hey sis… how’s it going? Aside from the ipod, I’m not really an apple person so I never noticed there was a separate setting for ipad users. I’ll turn it off for now… too early in the morning for me to figure it out.

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