Salmon House on the Hill

It’s probably been a decade since the last time I’ve been to the Salmon House on the Hill.  From what I recall, it was pretty good… today, however, was a little less than pleasing.  Sit back and relax and let me relate my experience… some of it is kind of funny so if it brings a smile to your face, maybe it was not all for naught.

The Salmon House is kind of a destination/tourist trap similar to restaurants like Horizons or The Cannery… oh, how I miss The Cannery!  The Salmon House prides itself on it’s service, food and stunning views… which makes the following a little disconcerting.

While it was Father’s Day today, it didn’t seem overly busy for a Sunday.  It did take a while for our server to show up and introduce himself and provide us with water but I dismissed that fairly easily since our server seemed friendly enough.

Once the bread showed up, I was happy as a clam.  It was warm and buttery and tasted great with the whipped butter and jam.

We started with the Salmon House Seafood Chowder – it’s a Manhattan style chowder with lots of clams, salmon, and other goodies.  Of course, the only problem was that they didn’t give us spoons so we couldn’t eat it.  At first, we thought our server was going to come back with the spoons but it soon became apparent that this was not the case.  As a bus boy walked past our table, we asked if we could get some spoons and he said “Sure!”.  That, of course, was the last we ever saw of him, lol!  At one point, I was seriously considering trying to use my fork to “eat my soup like a meal” but that’s when our server finally walked past us.  He kind of gave our table a double-take – probably trying to figure out why we hadn’t started eating our soup yet.  When we told him that we didn’t have any spoons, he was almost in shock – thinking that he was sure he brought us spoons.  In any case, we finally did get soup spoons and the chowder was pretty good.

As a bonus, as I was eating my soup, I crunched down on something.  At first, I just thought it may have been some sand or a part of shell but it turned out to be a small little pearl (or so I’m telling myself – it’s better than thinking something just fell in the soup).  I thought pearls only came from oysters but I googled it as soon as I found it and wikipedia said it can come from any mollusk… Maybe it’s a sign I should buy a lotto ticket.

The Dungeness Egg Benedict comes with pieces of dungeness crab, spinach, tomato, and poached eggs with truffled hollandaise sauce.  It also comes with hashbrown potatoes and a fresh fruit skewer.  All in all, it was okay but a bit salty – I’m guessing that was from the hollandaise sauce.  The crab really didn’t have any flavour (or if it did, it was overpowered by the sauce).

I was pretty happy to see the Seafood Crepes on the brunch menu.  We had THE PERFECT seafood crepes at a little cafe in Oakridge Mall about 20 years ago and have yet to taste anything that comes close… of course, that doesn’t stop us from trying it whenever we see it on a menu.

The problem with the seafood crepes at the Salmon House is two fold.  First, they’re really not “crepes” at all… crepes should be extremely thin and delicate… these were more like slightly thin pancakes.  I probably could have gotten past this except for the second problem… it was way too salty.  I guess some people feel that salt brings out the flavours in food but the amount of saltiness in the sauce really overpowered the dish.  This was definately not the light, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth dish that I was hoping for.

If anyone knows of any place that serves great seafood crepes, please let me know.

Looking back, I probably should have went with the all-you-can-eat omlette bar and house-made breads, muffins, scones and fresh fruit for $19.  At least that way, I could be sure how much salt they use while they make the omlettes.

If you like salt (or high blood pressure), this might be the place for you!  The view really wasn’t as stunning as I remembered but that might have been because it was all grey and gloomy outside today.  Our server was nice but it would have been better if we got the soup spoons sooner.

Food:  2 / 5
Service:  2 / 5

2229 Folkestone Way
West Vancouver, BC

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