Patisserie Lebeau – Waffles at their best

Ever since reading Eating in Vancouver’s post on the waffles at Patisserie Lebeau, I’ve been dying to try it out.  The problem is that they’re not open on Sundays (or Mondays for that matter) and it’s a bit out of the way for us.

After a botched attempt to try out Vi’s Rangolie on W 11th (mainly due to my poor navigation skills), we found ourselves near Granville Island looking for some food before we ran some errands.  Don’t ask me how we managed to find Patisserie Lebeau… it’s a little off the main traffic corridor and you could easily drive by it without even knowing it.

They have a lot of different Brussels and Liege waffles in their displays so it can get a little overwhelming the first time you order..

I picked the turkey and cheese on savory waffle bread.  The turkey sandwich was good and the whole novelty of eating a sandwich made with waffles just pushes it over the top.

The fresh fruit Belgian waffles with custard and whipped cream was really good.  The super deep pockets in the Belgian waffles is perfect for scooping up the custard and whipped cream and the fruit was perfect for a summer day.  Seating is very limited and we almost ordered everything to go but we managed to grab a table and I’m glad that we did because I think the food just wouldn’t have tasted the same.  Their Belgian waffles have a nice crispy exterior and a softer and lighter interior.

This was so good that after we were done, we went back and picked up some of the frozen waffles, fresh fruit, custard and whipped cream to bring home with us so we could have these again at home.

We also tried their lemon tart while we were there.  I do like lemon tarts but this was almost too lemony for me.

As I mentioned earlier, we liked the waffles so much that as soon as we finished our meal, we went back in the lineup to grab some waffles to bring home with us.  If you want to know how good this place is, we actually went back a few hours later (after a nice walk around Granville Island where we picked up some fresh spot prawns and Lee’s Donuts).

We were a little embarrassed that they would recognize us the third time around and think “Didn’t we just see these two a couple of hours ago?” but fortunately, we got a different server.

The milk chocolate Belgian waffle is amazing!  It’s the pefect combination of light, crispy and sweet ingredients.

We also picked up a package of their different mini waffles, a savory bacon and cheese waffle, and a peach and custard filled waffle.

The waffles taste so much better when they’re warm so we made sure to toss these in the toaster oven before we ate them.

The bacon and cheese waffle is great in the morning (or anytime during the day for that matter).

Probably the best of the bunch, though, was the peach and custard filled waffle.  If you go, make sure you get one of their fresh fruit filled waffles.

Service was very friendly and accomodating given how busy they were.

Food:  5 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5

1728 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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