Daimasu (Burnaby)

Don’t you hate it when a restaurant that you used to enjoy eating at starts going downhill?  There was a time when I really liked eating at Daimasu in Station Square… the price was good… but more importantly, the food was good.

We haven’t been back to Daimasu for a while – I think we started to notice the decline in food quality when we started to see signs in the restaurant that they had become part of the Kamei Group of Japanese restaurants (which includes Kamei and Ebisu).  I’m not sure if they’ve always been a part of the Kamei Group but it seems like the food quality has declined ever since we noticed the signs in the restaurant.

Their miso soup used to be very good with lots of seaweed and tofu… and to give them credit, they still have a good amount of seaweed and tofu in the bowl but the flavour just didn’t seem as deep as it used to be.

The great thing about sushi boats is that you get a little bit of everything… This is the Unagu Boat which comes with unagi on rice.  The unagi was okay but the bed of rice was hard.  I was really disappointed with the california roll and the dynamite roll that came with the boat.  Their california rolls used to be really good but, as you can tell from the picture below, there was barely any crab in the centre of the roll and I could hardly detect any avocado or cucumber.  The dynamite roll contained 2 prawn tempuras in the middle but that was pretty much it… and the sushi was rolled so loosely that you could see huge holes in the centre of the sushi causing the whole thing to fall apart very easily.

The sashimi was pretty good… but then, how bad can you screw up raw fish?  The boat also comes with 2 pieces of prawn tempura and vegetable tempura (in this occassion, it was yam and red pepper tempura).  Even though tempura batter is supposed to be very light, I usually wind up peeling off the batter because it winds up being to filling.

The boats also come with seasonal fruits as dessert… in this case, a piece of strawberry and orange.  I must say, the orange was extremely juicy and sweet… something that doesn’t always happen.

The Chicken Teriyaki Boat is basically the same as the Unaju Boat except they substitute chicken for the unagi.  The chicken teriyaki was pretty good but they used to serve this on a bed of bean sprouts instead of rice and I kind of missed the bean sprouts.

We also ordered Oyster Motoyaki which comes served in ceramic bowls (instead of in the shell).  While the taste was good and the sauce mixed well with the rice from the boat, it was small chopped up pieces of oyster rather than whole oysters.  I do remember having the oyster motoyaki at Daimasu before and it was a lot better back then.

I haven’t totally written off Daimasu yet… but if future meals continue going downhill, I’ll probably need to find another go-to sushi place around Metrotown.

Food:  varied a lot depending on the items… anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

4680 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


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  1. One of the worst restaurants we’ve been … in terms of food and service.

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