Clubhouse at Riverway Golf

I’m not a golfer.  Besides the environmental impact that a golf course has, the whole concept of spending 5-6 hours in the hot sun (or rain if you live on the west coast) fishing golf balls out of the marsh and cursing the foursome in front of you for playing too slow simply doesn’t appeal to me.  The best part (for me) is driving around those little golf carts, lol!

From time to time, business convention dictates that you’ll have to go golfing so you might as well become acquainted with the clubhouse… all golf courses have some type of dining establishment in their clubhouse, knowing that they have a captive audience.  The Clubhouse at the Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby is a recently renovated clubhouse that serves mainly casual food (sandwiches/burgers, pastas, salad, and some main courses).

The Clubhouse is licensed but I decided to go with a lime and soda since I personally don’t approve of alcohol consumption during work or when discussing business.  Nothing spectacular… the one at Ebo Restaurant, Thai House or Banana Leaf is much better.

The Sweet Lobster Baguette was okay but definately not like a lobster roll.  The use of a baguette made it difficult to eat without having the lobster filling fall or drip out.  Fortunately (?) it wasn’t jam packed with lobster meat which helped to keep the mess down.  For some odd reason, they served this with a mix of half regular fries and half yam fries – like they couldn’t really decide which way to go with this (no separate sauce… just ketchup).  The yam fries would have been better with some kind of aioli dip.

For some reason, they served all the lunch entrees in a large white angled bowl – I think they must have picked them up on sale at Pier 1 (as a matter of fact, I think I found the exact bowl they use here: Angled Bowl at Pier 1).  These bowls might have been fine for a salad or a pasta but it was a little awkward for a burger or sandwich.

All in all, the prices aren’t that bad but I wouldn’t make a special trip to eat here (the nearby Cactus Club at Byrne Road has a better selection of foods and higher overall quality).

Food:  3 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

9001 Bill Fox Way
Burnaby, BC

Clubhouse at Riverway Golf on Urbanspoon


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