SalaThai (Cambie) – Third “Thai”mes a Charm

I must be on a Thai food kick lately… 3 posts in a row on “Thai food”.  To be honest, the food couldn’t be more different between Thai Pearl (Brentwood), Thai Express (Park Royal), and SalaThai (Cambie).

Sunday was pretty dead during lunch… there was only one other table in the restaurant (usually not a good sign).  At first, we were a little confused about the plastic sheets over the tablecloths but, being the messy people that we are, we soon understood why they used them (curry’s probably very difficult to get out of the purple tablecloths).

There were a lot of different things that we wanted to try so we started with the SalaThai Special Appetizers.  It comes with 2 spring rolls, 4 golden baskets, 2 ghiaw grob (crispy wontons filled with pork and shrimp) and deep fried veggies (carrots and peas).  The deep fried veggies had a thicker batter than tempura but it was okay.  I really liked the crispy wontons and the golden baskets.

The golden baskets (kratong tong) looked cute and had minced chicken, corn, and onion stuffed in crispy shells.

The Pad Thai noodles were as good as I’ve had anywhere else but we had to take most of it home because we wound up ordering too much food.

I liked the green curry chicken that came with peppers, eggplant, bamboo shoots, and sweet basil leaves although I think I still prefer the one at Thai House Royale.  The rice that comes with the dish was a little harder than I expected but the curry sauce took care of that problem very quickly.

One of the items on their new menu was a deep-fried whole ocean perch in a sweet and sour sauce served on a bed of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.  Unlike some other fish, it was relatively easy to avoid the large fish bones.

We did have some problem ordering… our waitress had some difficulty understanding English but nothing that interfered with our meal.  Service was pretty attentive (but maybe that was because the restaurant was so empty at the time).  They have a big skylight in the centre of the restaurant which brought in some natural light and I didn’t notice the scary masks on the wall until after our meal.  If I’m in the mood for Thai and in the area, I would definately go back again.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

3364 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
SalaThai on Cambie on Urbanspoon

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