900 West Lounge – Afternoon Tea

Like everyone else, when we saw the DealFind for Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont, we snapped it up… how can you go wrong for 50% off (usually, it’s $36 per person)?  Afternoon Tea is served in the 900 West Lounge, tucked behind the Lobby Lounge on the main floor of Hotel Vancouver.  Since we went on a weekday, it wasn’t very busy and it was more intimate that I was expecting.

As this was our first “Afternoon Tea”, I have nothing to compare it to but I must say that everything was simply spectacular!  The place settings were beautifully crafted bone china and silver teapots.

Being Chinese, I’ve never really understood why people use milk, sugar, or cream in their tea.  I did try using the cream and honey in my tea but didn’t really like it so I stuck to just the straight tea by itself.

You get to choose between 15 different teas… we decided to go with the Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea and the Jasmine Butterfly #1 green tea.  The Kyoto was a much lighter and refreshing tea whereas the Jasmine was stronger in flavour… but both were good.

The food is a set menu and came quickly served on a two-tired cake stand.  The savory items include smoked salmon with dill cream cheese on dark rye, mini croissant filled with maple ham, brie cheese and dijon mustard, curried chicken salad on French baguette, and a simple cucumber and watercress sandwich.

The other savory item was served on the top tray along with the sweet pastries… it was the best raisin scones that I’ve ever had and not the least bit dry.  The Devonshire cream and berry preserves made it taste even better!

The sweet pastries included lemon tarts (some other blogs mentioned that it was too tart but I thought it was just right), mini cheesecake, chocolate eclair and sliced strawberries.

We made the mistake of eating the savory items first and eating the sweet ones last… we should have mixed them up a bit because by the end, we were almost in a sugar overload.  With the tea, this was actually quite filling.

We actually liked the Kyoto Cherry Rose tea so much that we wound up buying some to take home and it came in a cute tin jar.


Our server (I think his name was Guy) was very nice and I’m looking forward to going back again.  Plus, we loved seeing Mavis, one of the canine ambassadors, at the hotel concierge.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

900 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC


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