Romer’s Burger Bar (River District) – Grab N Go

Sometimes we just don’t feel like going out to eat… and we’re also too busy to shop for groceries… where does that leave us?  Take-out time!  Now that we know that Romer’s is so close to us, we can just drop by and get something from their Grab N Go menu.

I’m not a total green freak but I do appreciate some of the small things that Romer does to help the environment.  I think pretty much everything from our take-out was recyclable or made from recyclable materials…  from the cardboard containers to the wooden knife and fork (yeah, I’ve never seen a wooden knife and fork before in a take-out package).

Did you know that Romer’s has more than just burgers?  Their Crispy Rock Shrimp Club Salad comes with tomatoes, beets, chopped eggs, avocado, and bacon mixed with Tuscan greens.  We didn’t care too much for the lemon vinaigrette but it did go well with the ranch dressing.

Of course, we did have to grab a burger and we chose the Man’s Man Burger (a bit sexist but I’ll have to admit that I did like this burger a lot).  Bacon and onion strings gave it a salty, crunchy texture and the whole grain mustard had a pleasantly sharp taste to the burger.

We also tried their Sea Salt and Toasted Pepper Chicken Wings.  For a place known for their burgers, they really do a good job on their wings.  The salt and pepper seasoning is a very simple taste and lets the plump chicken stand out… nice crispy exterior and juicy meat on the inside.

If you have the time to sit-in for dinner, they have a great view on their patio… check out our previous entry here: Romer’s Burger Bar – River District

Otherwise, check out their Grab N Go Menu

Check out our latest visit where we try their Turducken Burger.

8683 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. looks delicious, I’m heading here tonight but dining in. I’ve been to the kits location once.
    Do you know if they have a patio here?

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