Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie (Kitsilano)

It’s no wonder the staff at Thomas Haas wear Powered by Chocolates t-shirts… their confections are that good!  While they also serve savory items, the real reason you go to Thomas Haas is for the sweets…

Pain au Chocolat is a French pastry with chocolates in the centre similar to a chocolate croissant.  The three pieces of chocolate in the centre was perfect because it’s a very rich chocolate and anything more than that would have overpowered the wonderfully puffy pastry.

Everything in the store looked yummy… especially the colourful Macarons.  We picked up a pre-selected box of 6 delicate almond meringues so I’m not sure which flavours they are but, in either case, they’re all wonderfully light and airy.

The Chocolate Sparkles™ Cookies (which are gluten free) were a last minute impulse buy… thank goodness for effective marketing!  These cookies have a decadent chocolatey truffle centre.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

2539 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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