Secret Garden Tea Company – High Tea

Contrary to it’s name, the Secret Garden Tea Company is hardly a secret at all… in fact, it’s one of the more popular places for High Tea (or Afternoon Tea if you want to get technical).  We made reservations for noon – and, as usual with our luck, they had some trouble finding our reservations.  Fortunately, we arrived early enough that they were still able to seat us because the tables started filling up quickly as soon as we sat down.

The seating area for High Tea is located in the front of the store with various tea-related knick knacks displayed throughout.  In the back, they have a smaller dining area where other patrons can sit and enjoy their purchases from the bakery.

While we were trying to decide on what tea to choose, our friendly server brought us some samples of their daily special tea, Angel’s Dream.  I actually enjoyed it very much – it was a light green tea with a wonderful bouquet.

But since this was our first visit, we decided to try some different teas for our meal… an intense Strawberry Kiwi herbal tea and the lighter, vanilla-flavoured Secret Garden’s Secret tea.

The savories included carefully prepared egg salad pinwheels, tasty mini-cornbread muffins filled with perfectly crispy bacon, chicken and avocado, and buttery mini croissants filled with black forest ham, cheese, and a dill pickle slice (this was my favourite).

The middle tier consisted of chocolate cake slices and apricot scones paired with jam and devonshire cream.  I had high hopes for the scones since having the superb scones at the 900 West Lounge @ The Fairmont.  These scones were fairly light and airy with a sugar crust on top – pretty good, but not as good as the ones we had at The Fairmont.

The top tier of desserts included a flaky lemon tart, a rich but light chocolate mousse layered on a chocolate brownie and topped with a toffee wafer, and a light and creamy berry-flavoured square.

We liked the daily special so much that we wound up picking up a stash of the Angel’s Dream tea on our way out.


The service was pretty good and our server came by a few times to top up our teapots.  They give you 2 hours to complete your meal and linger over your tea but, being the old married couple that we are, we didn’t have much new gossip to converse over and wound up finishing our meal in less than an hour.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

5559 West Blvd
Vancouver, BC

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