Taverna Greka – New Renovations

Taverna Greka is located almost directly across from Stefanos on Columbia Street in New Westminster and offers a clear view of the Fraser River while you dine. 

They’re currently undergoing, what looks like, a large renovation – we almost didn’t go in because we could see the workers outside and weren’t sure if it would be too noisy.  I’ve dined here before many years ago and it seemed nice seeing how clear and uncluttered the decor was now – not sure if it will stay that way once they finish the renos though.

It looks like they’re doing some construction on the dock below the restaurant and there was some associated noise but I soon forgot about that.

We decided to try the #3 Lunch Platter for 2.  The lunch platters come with freshly grilled Pita Bread brushed with olive oil.

The pita bread is perfect for dipping in the Tzatziki sauce and also comes with a bowl of Greek Salad.  I liked the feta cheese that was sprinkled on the salad but there was a lot of it and, if you don’t like feta, that can be a turnoff.

The platter itself comes with a pretty large serving of Kalamaria (Calamari), Breaded Oysters, Scallops, and Prawns served on a bed of rice with roasted potatoes.

With all of the carbs in the platter, we decided we needed a little more meat so we got an appetizer order of their Lamb Chops for $6.95.  The chops were tasty enough but kind of on the small size – but I suppose that’s to be expected based on the price.

The food at Taverna Greka is pretty good but not the best Greek I’ve had before.  I’m sure once all of the renos are done, the place will be great.  On a related note, it looks like they’ve installed a very cool looking blue lit-up bar top.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

326 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC


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