Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan – Fried Beef Kebabs

It seems like the fall tv season just started and things are already in re-runs.  It seems appropriate, then, that we go into re-runs as well this week and share some revisits to restaurants that we’ve blogged about before.  First up for your reading pleasure is Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan.

The last time we tried Jambo Grill, we really liked the Jungle Ribs that are marinated in Tandoori sauce so we had to try them again.

Although the Pili Pili Wings were excellent, we decided to try something a little different and went with the Tandoori Wings.  Personally, if I had to choose, I think I prefer the pili pili wings  – the tangy spiciness really kicks it up a notch.

We weren’t really sure about the Deep Fried Beef Kebabs because the picture in their menu didn’t look very appetizing but I’m glad we decided to try it.  I’m not sure what herbs and spices that they mix with the lean ground beef, but these were really tasty… especially with the coconut chutney sauce that comes with it.

The Chicken Biryani is a large dish with tasty bone-in chicken cooked with tomatoes, yogurt, fried onions, saffron, herbs and spices.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our re-run/revisit to Jambo Grill… I know we did.  Please stay tuned for our next re-run/revisit… same time, same channel.

3219 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC


Jambo Grill & Good Morning Paan on Urbanspoon

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