Milestones Grill and Bar (Crossroads) – Kobe Style Meatloaf

Next up on our list of revisits is Milestones Grill and Bar, located above the Whole Foods on the corner of 8th and Cambie, where we try out their Kobe Style Classic Meatloaf.

“Kobe” beef at Milestones?  Well, not really… If you read the description a bit closer, you’ll notice that it’s actually “Kobe Style” Classic Meatloaf. 

What’s the difference?  Kobe beef basically comes from a specific breed of Wagyu cattle known for excellent marbling and raised in a strict tradition in Japan.  Kobe Style beef, on the other hand, comes from domestically raised Wagyu cattle that have been crossbred with Angus cattle.  These less expensive cattle are often fed slightly different feed but many domestic farms may try to reproduce the original Kobe traditions in raising the cattle.

So which tastes better?  Can you taste the difference between traditional Kobe Beef and Kobe Style Beef?  Guess that’s up for debate.  Personally, I’ve never had actual Kobe beef so I can’t comment on which is better.

What I can say is that the Kobe Style Classic Meatloaf at Milestones is rather good.  The fried onion strings adds a nice textural contrast to the smooth garlic mashed potatoes.

Real POP (pineapple, orange, and pomegranate juice splashed with soda)… the perfect non-alcoholic drink to accompany your meal.

Interested in seeing what else Milestones has to offer?  Check out our last visit here: Milestones – The Cookie

2425 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

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