Cakeaters Edible Art

We were driving around Champlain Crescent the other day and noticed that a new bakery shop had opened up next to the corner store.  This location has been like the Bermuda Triangle of shops – there’s been a number of different stores that have opened and closed here… from cafes to video stores, salons to even a small church.  Hopefully, this little cake shop will break the curse.

In addition to cakes, they have a selection of cupcakes (about a dozen different varieties) available in-store for $2.95 each.

We decided to try the Red Velvet Cupcake and the Lemon Cupcake.

Overall, I liked the Red Velvet the best.  The Lemon wasn’t bad but I think the cupcake needed to have more substance to it.

I actually tried to order a birthday cake from here but I found out that their minimum charge is over $80 for a small cake.

They recently donated a dim sum themed cake for the Celebrity Dim Sum event at Sun Sui Wah… take a look at the cake here.

Big Update:  As of the beginning of November 2013, Cakeaters has moved out of their Champlain Heights location and is working from home.  So make sure you call them if you want to order cakes, cupcakes, cake pops or cookies.

8180 Champlain Crescent
Vancouver, BC

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