Salmon House on the Hill – West Coast Feast

What time is it?  It’s time for a West Coast Feast at the Salmon House on the Hill.  Until the end of the month, the Salmon House is offering up a 3-course dinner for $29.95

The last time we came here for brunch, we didn’t have a great experience.  Fortunately, our recent dinner was much better.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the great view that you get from West Van.

For our appetizers we chose the Manhatten-style Salmon House Seafood Chowder and the House Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon on Grilled Flatbread.

The flatbread was my favourite and was executed perfectly (but I’ve always liked capers).

We also ordered some fresh oysters on the half shell.  I think I preferred the ones we had at Rodney’s Oyster House a little while back.

For our mains, we chose the Coriander Crusted Wild Salmon and the Grilled Rib Eye Steak.

The thing about salmon is that I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly “Wow!  That was an awesome piece of salmon” moment.  I’ve had some truly great dishes with halibut, trout and black cod… but never with salmon.  Salmon’s pretty much just that… it’s just salmon.

The rib eye steak is one of my favourite cuts and this dish is served with bacon mashed potatoes, onion rings, sweet corn and black bean salsa and peppercorn jus.  The whole idea of bacon mashed potatoes is awesome but I wish there were a bit more bacon in the mashed potatoes.  Part of the steak was a bit overcooked… I had asked for medium-rare but it came out more like medium to medium-well.

For dessert, we picked the Caramel Chocolate Turtle Brownie and the Pumpkin New York Cheesecake.  The decadent brownie with raspberry sauce was a wonderful way to end the meal.

The cheesecake was just a little too strange for my personal liking… pumpkin and cheesecake just don’t go together very well.

For $29.95, this was a really great value and service was better than our last experience here.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

2229 Folkestone Way
West Vancouver, BC

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