Lin Chinese Cuisine – Chinese-Canadian Food

Lin Chinese Cuisine has been on my list of places to go for a while (because I’ve heard some good things about their Xiao Long Bao) but we’ve just never found the time to stop by.  We had some errands nearby (picking up our fixed umbrella at the nearby Umbrella Shop on W. Broadway) so we stopped by Lin’s first.

It’s a good thing that we went to Lin’s first because the restaurant is a lot smaller than I expected and the lunch crowd started to fill up the tiny restaurant rather quickly.   Since it was lunchtime we picked a couple of items from their Lunch Special Menu which includes your choice of soup (Hot and Sour or Chicken Corn Soup) and steamed rice.

The Hot and Sour soup was pretty standard but not as spicy as I am used to.  I was surprised that they called the other soup Chicken Corn Soup because I didn’t see any chicken in it (it did, however, have white pepper which provided a bit of a kick to it).

The Sweet and Sour Fish came with a big bowl of sweet and sour sauce on the side.  At first, I was expecting the fish to be like frozen fishsticks but I was pleasantly surprised to find yummy fish fillets.  And having the sweet and sour on the side let us control the amount of sauce we used (some places really drown their sweet and sour dishes).

A lot of the food here is typical western-style Chinese-Canadian food like the “Mongolian” Beef.  That’s not to say it wasn’t tasty though.

The Wontons in Spicy Peanut and Garlic Sauce had plenty of the good, spicy garlic bits under the wontons.

We also ordered the Xiao Long Bao.  While the dumplings looked strangely flat, they were okay.  Not the best we’ve had but the skin was fairly thin and held the soup inside.  I didn’t think it had much flavour to it though.

The service wasn’t very attentive but it was pretty busy in the restaurant at the time.

After our meal, we headed out in the rain to pick up our fixed umbrella a few blocks away.  While it was gently raining, we didn’t bother to bring an umbrella with us since we figured we would use our fixed umbrella once we got to the shop.  When the rain started to come down harder, we started to re-think our decision about not bringing an umbrella with us.

The staff at the Umbrella Shop gave us our “fixed” umbrella but when we went outside, we could clearly see that it hadn’t been fixed.  Turns out they must have made a mix-up when we brought it in.  To their credit, they offered to give us a loaner umbrella… I’ll just chalk this up to another one of those things that only seem to happen to us.  I swear, we couldn’t make up all of the weird stuff that happens to us if we tried…

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  2.5 / 5

1537 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Lin Chinese Cuisine 林餐館 on Urbanspoon

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