Fratelli Bakery – Saint Honore Cake

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Saint Honore Cake at Fratelli Bakery on Commercial Drive lately so we decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Our first initiation into Saint Honore Cakes was with Bon Bon Bakery on Victoria Drive who set the bar high in terms of tasty cakes.

I have to say that Fratelli really makes a great Saint Honore Cake!  This is their small cake (slightly more expensive than Bon Bon) with tons of chocolate shavings on top (extra).

While the cake is basically put together the same as Bon Bon (puff pastry on the bottom, white sponge cake, bavarian cream, buttercream, whipped cream, and cream puffs on top), there is a noticeable difference in the cakes.

I found Fratelli’s version to be lighter, with less sponge cake and more custard and whipped cream.

The chocolate shavings just pushes this cake over the top.

Fratelli also has a huge assortment of pastries including Neopolitains, Lemon Tarts, and Cannolis (the one drizzled with chocolate is their Sicilian Cannoli which comes in a crunchier shell.

Although slightly more expensive than Bon Bon Bakery, I think it’s worth the extra couple of bucks.  And, unlike Bon Bon, there are lots of friendly staff to serve you (which makes the line ups move pretty quickly).

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

1795 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

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