Simba’s Grill (Edmonds)

I had a tough time getting to Simba’s Grill the other day… and I was only a few minutes away.  But with all of the road work, contruction, plus accidents on Canada Way and on one of the bridges, traffic down Edmonds was pretty hectic.

I decided to turn off the main road and take some side streets to get to Simba’s but got lost kind of quickly.  Fortunately, the GPS on my Android phone got me back on track quickly.

Simba’s Grill reminds me of Jambo Grill in Vancouver with similar dishes and tastes (take a look at our Jambo Grill Kebabs review) as both are African fusion restaurants.  If I were to choose between the two, I think I prefer the food at Jambo Grill (which I thought was more flavourful) but Simba’s isn’t bad either.

We started with the Barbecue Beef Ribs – which got us a fairly generous portion of beef short ribs.

The ribs themselves, didn’t have a lot of flavour to it (unlike the Jungle Ribs at Jambo Grill) but you could compensate with the very spicy hot sauce, the slightly sweet tamarind sauce or the cooling sour cream that comes with the meal.

The Minced Chicken Kebabs came with 3 large servings of chicken… slightly drier than I would have preferred.  Again, the tamarind sauce and the hot sauce helped to add some flavour.

We also got the Samaki Paka (tilapia fillet in a coconut curry sauce)… it’s hard to see the tilapia in the picture because it was covered in curry sauce.  Surprisingly, the curry dish doesn’t come with rice.  What’s the point of having all of that coconut curry sauce without rice or naan to soak it up with?

Fortunately, the chicken kebabs did come with a huge serving of Saffron Rice.  By itself, I found the long-grain rice was pretty dry but did a good job of soaking up the coconut curry sauce.  We also ordered some Naan to go with our meal… nothing really special but not bad either.

If it matters, they accept cash or debit only (sorry Air Miles).  Large servings but not as good as Jambo Grill.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

7413 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC

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