Ouisi Bistro – Cornbread and Gumbo

Ouisi Bistro’s been on my wishlist of restaurants to try for a couple of years but we never find ourselves out in that area… until just recently on a rare sunny Friday in November.  I was a bit surprised to see the restaurant was rather dead (not usually a good sign) but at least we had the pick of the tables and sat closer to the window to allow for more natural light.

As a cajun/creole style restaurant, it’s not surprising that they have a wall covered with jazz-inspired prints and frescoed ceiling.

If you ever go here, make sure you try their Famous Basket of Homemade Cornbread.  The large slices of moist cornbread with a crispy golden crust is perfect with the butter but even better when you pair it with one of their delicious soups or gumbo.

Did I say gumbo?  The Chicken and Duck Sausage Gumbo (this is the appetizer portion) is probably the best gumbo I’ve had with a very tasty and slightly spicy, dark roux base.

I had the Hustle and Bustle daily soup and sandwich which came with a Tomato Florentine soup and a Lamb Sandwich.

The Tomato Florentine was wonderfully fresh with the usual holy trinity of vegetables along with carrots.

The thinly sliced lamb was topped with mild, melted blue cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato slices.  The melted blue cheese made it a bit messy but very tasty.

The lunch menu was a little limited (wouldn’t mind having some of the dinner options available during lunch) but the food was fresh and I’d come back just for the gumbo and cornbread.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

3014 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC


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