Joey Broadway

I don’t think I’ve been to a Joey’s restaurant for a number of years… back then, they were known as Joey Tomato’s.  Joey’s is a lot like Milestones and Cactus Club – casual atmosphere, good food, and staff focussed on service.  That’s not to say they ignore sales… in fact, our server (Sandy) practically up-sold us on everything but wasn’t the least bit pushy. 

I think a lot of people forget that good sales = good service… There were probably a few things that I tried that I might not have if our server didn’t recommend them.

Joey’s non-alcoholic Lime Burst is a simple but refreshing mixture of lime and soda water.  Their Peach Bellini comes with a peach slice atop the chilly slushy.  The neat bluish concoction on the right is their Stiff Lemonade slush which is made of lemonade, lime and lemon juices, syrup, vodka, and limencello.

We started with the Earth and Surf Calamari (which reminded me of the calamari we had at Cactus Club – Byrne Road) and included tempura-battered veggies like asparagus and onions in addition to the calamari rings and tentacles with a spicy red pepper aioli dip.

Our server, Sandy, said that the Moroccan Chicken was plated like a work of art and that many people take pictures of the dish… he wasn’t wrong.  The chicken comes glazed with apricot and served on a circular bed of North African-spiced couscous.  Matchstick apple slivers are served atop the precarious creation.

My Beef Tenderloin was cooked to a perfect medium-rare and came served with red beets.  Although my dish normally came with crispy mashed potatoes, Sandy recommended the Fully Loaded Crispy Mashed Potatoes for an extra $3.99 and I’m glad I tried it (although I might stick with regular mashed potatoes next time).  They take regular mashed potatoes and deep fry it within a thin spring roll wrapper served with bacon bits, cheese and sour cream.

The Lobster Ravioli stuffs Atlantic lobster, rock crab, shrimp, and ricotta cheese into large ravioli pockets and comes served with a creamy lemon dill sauce with tomatoes.

Although we were pretty stuffed, Sandy talked us into trying their Pumpkin Spiced Mini Donuts.  I’m not a big fan of pumpkin in desserts after the strange pumpkin cheesecake we had at Salmon House on the Hill but these large donut holes were pretty good.  They bring them to the table in a brown bag which they vigorously shake up before pouring out into a bowl (it’s all about showmanship) alongside the Coffee Dulce de Leche dipping sauce.  I’m also not a big fan of coffee but I thought the caramel sauce went great with the subtle pumpkin spice.  The mini donuts themselves, were perfectly moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Are these mints that they brought to us?

No… they’re actually hand towel tablets that expand when you drop them in water.  I know it’s kind of silly that we took a video of the hand towels but it was pretty neat.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

1424 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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