Reflect Social Dining + Lounge

The Sunday Brunch at Reflect Social Dining + Lounge is one of our favourites for the sheer amount of variety that you get with your meal.  The price is a bit expensive at $32.95 per person but it does include champagne mimosas. 

If you can get past the horrors of parking at Crystal Mall, you should try it out sometime.  It does get busy for Sunday brunch so it’s best to make reservations.  If you go early, you can avoid the lineups at the buffet line.

We usually bypass the baked goods section because we don’t want to fill up too much on carbs but I was tempted to try them… they all look so good.

They have a huge assortment of salads and cold dishes.  Unlike some other buffets, these actually taste really good.

They also serve all of the classic breakfast items like sausage, bacon, eggs, bennys, waffles and hashbrowns.  If you like crispy bacon like I do, this is a dream come true… freshly made and very crispy (I must have had about 6 big slices of bacon).

There’s a massive selection of desserts so make sure you save room for all of the sweets – or better yet, start with the desserts first.

If you’re looking for healthier options for dessert, they also have a lot of different freshly cut fruit available as well.

We find it impossible to try everything so we have to be a bit picky to make sure we made the most of the buffet.

Did I mention that they also have an omlette bar where they make them fresh to order?  It’s located right next to the roast beef carving station.

The champagne mimosas flow freely but you can also get fresh juices, coffee, and tea.

They also have about 5 other heartier choices (that varies from time-to-time) as well as har gow and siu mai (probably a nod to the large number of Chinese people in Crystal Mall.

This time around, they were serving a vegetable medley, roasted potatoes, cheese ravioli, a seafood dish (think it was poached salmon with shrimp in a cream sauce), and roasted pork loin.  Most dishes were good but I think the salmon was cooked a little too long.

I’m a sucker for breakfast so I wanted to try the waffles.  The waffles weren’t crisp and a bit soggy.  The only plus to the waffles was the raspberry compote.

Like I said earlier, make sure you save room for dessert.   We tried the chocolate cake with rice crisp balls and the mango cake slice in addition to a number of their delectable pastries.

The chocolate dipped cannoli was really good and had a hard crisp shell that was filled with a tasty creamy filling.  The “ice cream cone” was just as good but came with a pistachio-flavoured cream filling.

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Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

6083 McKay Avenue
Burnaby, BC

Reflect Social Dining + Lounge website

Reflect Social Dining + Lounge on Urbanspoon

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  1. It looks so gooood! TuT

  2. Omg your experience looks so much better than mine! When I went, there was literally 1/3 of less available dishes

    • As with most AYCE places, things change over time. I have been back to this place recently and agree that the number of dessert dishes has decreased. I also miss the guy that they used to have that played live music during brunch. We actually wound up buying one of his CDs.

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