Kalamata Greek Taverna

So, what do you call a Greek restaurant that doesn’t serve Moussaka?  Well, in our case, you call it Kalamata Greek Taverna.  It’s not that they don’t have it listed on their menu though.  

We had arrived at Kalamata on West Broadway around 6:30pm looking forward to trying out their Moussaka only to be advised by our waiter that the Moussaka wasn’t available because they had just finished cooking it and it needed a couple of hours to set.  Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange that they didn’t plan to have their Moussaka ready for the prime dinner hour?

Anyhoo, we started out with a small Greek Salad which I quite enjoyed.  The raw red onions had a sharp taste but I’m partial to that, especially in my Greek salads.

I found it odd that our waiter brought us out the Pita Bread that accompanied our main course without bringing out some Tzatziki.  The pita actually came to the table fairly warm and soft but by the time our main course arrived (which took a while), it did get a bit cold.

Calamari is an appetizer that we usually get when we go to a Greek restaurant.  I thought the calamari was a little dry and overcooked.  The thing that was really annoying with this dish is that they served the tzatziki sauce in a little round bowl but the spoon that they gave us was too big to dip into the bowl (we actually got the spoon stuck in the bowl and almost flung tzatziki all over the restaurant trying to get it out).

The Chicken Souvlaki was pretty good and comes served with rice pilaf and roasted potatoes.

The Roasted Lamb Shoulder comes with rice pilaf and roasted potatoes as well as a pretty large serving of lamb.  While the lamb was billed “as soft as a tender love song”, I do agree that it was tender but not necessarily the most tender lamb that I’ve had.  I think the lamb was okay… pretty much average for a Greek restaurant but not truly spectacular.

Service was a bit slow and it didn’t seem like our waiter was able to do more than one thing at a time… it must have taken him 20-30 minutes just to get all of our leftovers brought back to us (he did each plate separately).

Food:  3 / 5
Service:  2.5 / 5

388 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Perhaps they ran out of mousaka and were in the middle of making a second batch when you arrived? It’s a small restaurant where the owners actually do the cooking. They don’t pre make or order in processed food.

    • It’s possible. But it’s probably poor planning. Given the time that he said it would take to be ready, it wouldn’t be ready until they closed. Which makes me wonder what they do with it… Use it the next day? That being said, moussaka usually tastes better the next day as leftovers.

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