Romer’s Burger Bar (River District) – Ho Ho Ho… The Holiday Burger

What could be better on a cold autumn day than a big bowl of Tomato and Basil Soup?


How about Grilled Cheese Croutons?  That’s exactly what we had recently when we headed down to Romer’s Burger Bar at the foot of Kerr Street.

The Sea Salt and Toasted Pepper Chicken Wings were so plump and juicy.  I took a bite out of a wing and I could see the juice squirt out towards the patrons sitting next to us (sorry if that was you).

The Kosher Dills are both spicy and crunchy.

The real thing that we came here for was Romer’s Burger of the Month… the Holiday Burger.

This was the first burger that we had at Romer’s a year ago and it’s so awesome – wish it would stay on their regular menu all year long.

House-made cranberry, sourdough stuffing, and fried sage leaves on perfectly juicy turkey served atop a yummy brioche bun.  And did I mention the turkey gravy on the side that you can pour over the whole thing?  Simply legen-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the 2nd half of the word is -DAIRY!

Service was great… I think a good way to measure the level of service in a restaurant is by how often your server comes by to refill your water glasses (without you having to ask).  Our waitress, Kelsi, came by and refilled our water once within the 1/2 hour that we were there and I think that’s a pretty good standard.  Going forward, I’ll try to keep track and see how other restaurants rate in terms of water refilling.

Check out our previous visit to Romer’s Burger Bar at River District.  The only problem with the area is that there’s a lot of construction going on right now and parking can be a little difficult to find as it gets busy down there.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

8683 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC

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