Hagensborg Chocolates

You’ve probably seen Hagensborg Chocolates sold at select department stores or specialty grocery stores (like Whole Foods) but what you may not be aware of is that they recently opened up a retail location tucked in a cul-de-sac off of Government Street in Burnaby.  If you didn’t know where you were going, it would be easy to miss this nifty chocolate shop (we actually drove by it and didn’t see it on our first go around).

Like so many others, we grabbed a couple of GroupOn discounts when it was available in November and stopped by in the beginning of December for some xmas shopping.

Hagensborg is a proud Canadian company that specializes in all natural European chocolate products.  Their “Chocolate Princess”, Shelley, attended the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Quebec and worked with the School Director, Derrick Tu Tan Pho, to create some new Truffle Pig Bars.

Their Wild Boar single origin chocolate bars are sourced from a single region or country whose distinctive flavours are influenced by the environment that they are grown in.  We were told that their most popular flavour is the 70% Dark Chocolate from Santo Domingo.  The neat thing when you open up one of the bars of chocolate is that they have little “chomp” bites in them.

If you’re more of a milk chocolate person, their 39% Milk Chocolate from Ecuador might be more to your liking.  I actually preferred the 64% Dark Chocolate from Madagascar – it had a really distinctive, fruity taste without being too bitter.

If you’re not sure which flavour to choose, they also have little Truffle Piglets that you can purchase individually or packaged together.  Flavours like Milk Caramel, Dark, Dark Hazelnut, Dark Peppermint, Peanut Butter and Original Milk Chocolate allow you to choose the type of chocolate that suits your tastes… and they’re shaped into cute little piglets.

Even their chocolate bars (Truffle Pigs) come formed into cute shapes… almost too cute to eat… almost.  Their Truffle Pigs usually comes in more flavours and can be purchased individually or boxed in sets.  Their cylindrical “hat boxes” make for a great way to conveniently gift some yummy chocolates to friends (or to yourself).

On the day that we visited, they gave us some complimentary hand-made smores… these were soooo good.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

103 – 3686 Bonneville Place
Burnaby, BC


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