Neighbour’s Restaurant & Pizza House

Years ago, when I used to work on East 41st Ave, the staff would occassionally eat at Neighbour’s Restaurant on Victoria and 49th… I think we even had a branch xmas party there one year and I recall that the food tasted pretty good.  The restaurant is very much like the name implies – friendly, cozy and comforting food.

This night, I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I decided to just order the BBQ Chicken and Ribs Combo to go.  Unfortunately, the food during this visit wasn’t up to my expectations from my previous dining experience years earlier.  Perhaps it was just an off day for them or maybe their other dishes are better choices but these were definitely misses.

When I order BBQ Chicken and Ribs, I usually expect to get maybe 1/4 or a 1/2 chicken but this dish came with a breast fillet that’s been grilled and covered with tomato sauce.  While I don’t necessarily mind breast fillet, it tends to dry out quickly if not cooked properly and, sure enough, the chicken was quite dry.

Moreover, the chicken had a strange metallic taste to it.  At first, I was worried about food poisoning but after some google searches, I read an article about acidic food (like dishes with tomato sauce) wrapped and stored in aluminum foil can eat away at the foil… while it leaves a slight metallic taste, it’s not dangerous.  I suppose I’ll find out soon enough if it was food poisoning o_O

The ribs were okay but not special – the dish came with 5 ribs and the meat pulled easily away from the bones.  I think I prefer the BBQ Chicken and Ribs that we had at nearby Columbus Restaurant over these.

The combo at Neighbours comes with rice but it was a bit unremarkable… a little dry but passable.  No where as tasty as the rice pilaf that we had earlier in the year at Vassilis Souvlaki in Burnaby.

You also get a tossed green salad and a slice of garlic bread.  Unlike many places that use a thick slice of French bread or baguette, this was more like a slice of Texas toast.  Still, the inside of the toast was nice and soft.

I’m partly disappointed that I didn’t order more food so I could definitely say whether the food at this restaurant has gotten worse over the years or if this was just one bad dish.

Food:  2 / 5
Service:  3 / 5

6493 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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