Orange Corner Tea House

We’ve walked by the Orange Corner Tea House in Station Square a number of times while heading to Future Shop and we’ve always meant to stop in to try their crêpes but we’ve always been a bit too busy or in a rush to finish errands.

We finally stopped by the other day to grab a quick bite and a milk tea.  Despite the copious amounts of ice in our Honeydew Milk Tea, I was disappointed that the drink itself wasn’t very cold.

I suppose I would have preferred a slushie or if the ice was blended into the drink.  It was just odd that the large mug that they served the drink in was very cold and the actual drink itself was more like room temperature.

We decided to try a couple of appies and picked the Crispy Squid Balls with spicy sauce.  This wasn’t bad… it kind of reminded me of something that you might find at the night market (requisite toothpicks for eating included).

Speaking of night markets… how could we not order the Takoyaki?  Just like the kind of takoyaki that you would get at a food cart right down to the shaved bonito flakes on top.

While these appies weren’t super, they weren’t bad either – plus the weather’s too cold for night markets in January right now.

What we really wanted to try was the crêpes – they have a big selection but we finally decided on the Carnivalle sweet crêpe with banana, strawberry, kiwi, ice cream and whipping cream drizzled with chocolate.  Oh, did we mention that the crêpe was stuffed with chocolate nutella?  Yum!

The crêpe was perfectly paper-thin which helped make this dish seem light despite how rich and filling it was.

The café itself looks a bit sketchy and I’m not sure if I would come here late at night, but the food wasn’t bad.  I’m guessing either this location used to be called “Robin’s” or they bought all of their chairs from a going-out-of-business store because all of the chairs have the name “Robin’s” emblazoned on the back rest.

Food:  3 / 5
Service:  3 / 5

6200 McKay Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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