Thai House Royale (Metrotown) – Lunch Specials

One of the worst kept secrets is the lunch specials at Thai House Royale.  Located at Station Square, we’ve frequented this Thai House location for a number of years and it gets pretty busy during lunchtime due to their fantastic lunch special deals for $7.95.

Your combo begins with a freshly made, crispy spring roll with a sweet Thai chili sauce served over a green salad accompanied by a cup of soup.  I’ve tried some of their other Tom Yum soups before but, for some reason, I prefer the soup that they serve with their lunch specials – not overly sour but with enough kick to make your nose sniffle.

You get your choice of 18 different dishes served with rice.  I’ve tried most of the different options but I always find myself coming back to #23 – Green Curry with boneless chicken, eggplant, peas, and peppers with coconut milk.  This dish is just so savory and spicy – and when you think about the price, cheaper than some of the things that you would get at the mall food court.

It’s not just the food that’s good… service here is pretty fast and friendly.  Water service here is always outstanding – they refilled my water 5 times within 35 minutes without me asking.

Food:  5 / 5
Service:  5 / 5

Take a look at our last post on Thai House Royale where we had a great boneless chicken in red curry and coconut dish.

4600 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Thai House Royale Restaurant (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon

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