Diva at the Met – Dine Out 2012

I know that when most people in Vancouver hear “Met”, the first thing that comes to mind is Metrotown.  Well, Diva at the “Met” is actually referring to The Metropolitan Hotel located on Howe Street across from Pacific Centre.  Elegant and casual seems like two completely different styles of ambience, and yet, Diva seems to pull off both simulateneously.

We came by during Dine Out with some friends – we were a little concerned because the restaurant was empty when we got there but the food turned out to be pretty good.

I forgot to take a picture of my Mockjito (non-alcoholic mojito) but it was pretty interesting.  At $6.00, it had flavours of cucumber, rose water and lime.

Our meal began with some complimentary assorted bread served with butter topped with brown butter crumbled on top.  I actually wasn’t a big fan of the brown butter crumble but the bread was pretty good and I liked how there was a bunch of different varieties to choose from.

Despite enjoying beef tataki, I’ve always avoided full-on raw beef in the past… partly due to seeing Mr. Bean having a rather bad reaction to some beef tartare that he ordered in a restaurant.  This appetizer from Diva wasn’t exactly like I imagined… finely chopped veal tongue with pine mushrooms and cured egg yolk.  I think they must enjoy playing with unique textures in their foods because the cured egg yolks, along with the crispy pork rinds had me really enjoying this dish.

The Pemberton Parsnip Soup was quite creamy and slightly salty from the Diva Bacon.

For my entrée, I chose the Heritage Pork Loin, Pork Hock Press, with Bread Pudding served with mustard jus, sauerkraut, crispy pork puffs and cauliflower.  This dish was all about the pig and, despite liking the round pork loin medallions, it was the pork hock press that I really enjoyed – it had a really nice, crispy skin coating on top that gave a bit of a crunch as I bit down.

The Coho Salmon dish was served with pine nuts, chorizo, bell peppers, black olives and a caper vinaigrette.  The salmon was pretty good but, as I’ve mentioned in some other posts… it’s difficult for me to get excited over a simple salmon dish like this.  There was an interesting flaky pastry that they served on one side of the dish – I found it a little odd… almost like a deconstructed salmon pot pie without the pot.

For the Dine Out menu, you get your choice of dessert between the Caramelized Stilton Cheesecake with a spiced port reduction and compote and the Warm Chocolate Soufflé.  That dark red “cherry” in the centre of the dish bursts when you poke it and releases a tasty blood-red sauce for the cheesecake.

The warm chocolate soufflé was covered by a thin sheet of silver/chocolate and served with pistachio ice cream.  This is very rich and luxurious tasting dessert.

Service was very attentive and, despite the restaurant evoking a casual atmosphere, quite elegant.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

645 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC


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