Ramie’s Greek Restaurant

I’ve mentioned a few times before that Ramie’s is our go-to place for Greek food near our place.  While we’ve dined in this small little restaurant on Kingsway before, more often than naught, we opt for take-out.

If you’re not sure what to order, try the Ramie’s Platter – this is a really large collection of a lot of their most popular items.  You get Moussaka, wonderfully spiced Keftedes (4 Greek Meatballs), Dolmathes (4 stuffed wine leaves), 2 beautifully cooked Lamb Chops, and Chicken Souvlaki.

This dish also comes with a large serving of Rice Pilaf with Veggies and Roasted Potatoes, Tzatziki, Pita, and Greek Salad.

The only thing that the Ramie’s Platter doesn’t come with is the fork-tender Roast Lamb Shoulder… if you like lamb, you should definitely try this out.  You get a huge portion of lamb that’s been cooked with herbs and spices and is pretty flavourful.  This dish also comes with rice pilaf with veggies, roast potatoes, Greek salad, pita and their wonderfully light tzatziki dip.

The Greek salad is really fresh and I like how it has the right combination of tomato, cucumber, red onions, and feta cheese for my tastes.

Service has always been good for us and they also have limited free parking hidden in the back.

Update: Ramie’s also has BBQ items like the BBQ Chicken and Rib Combo which includes your choice of Baked Lasagna or Spaghetti.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

9-4287 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


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  1. Yummy! But they’re vine leaves, not wine leaves 🙂

    • Thanks for reading. You’re probably right – I was going off of their menu description. But wine is made from grapes and the vine leaves that they typically use to make dolmathes comes from grape vines so I suppose both could be right.

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