Costco Food Court (Still Creek) – Cheap Eats

Most days that we go shopping at Costco, there is always a huge lineup at the food court… the whole place is filled with hungry customers (who have probably filled up on all of the free samples already).  If you thought the Costco parking lot can get crazy at times, you should see what happens when dozens of hungry customers have to line up all of their overflowing shopping carts so they can jockey for an empty seat at the food court.

The last time we went, we must have hit a lull in the regular shopping frenzy and there was barely a lineup at all (and no, I’m not going to tell you the time of day otherwise everyone will start showing up at that time).  We decided to try out their $1.50 Hot Dog and Pop Combo… how can you go wrong for a buck-fifty?  This is very much like the great deals that you get at Ikea but I think the hot dogs at Costco are better.

We picked up a Quarter Pound All Beef Hot Dog and a Quarter Pound Polish Hot Dog.  Like Ikea, all of the fixin’s are self-serve.  Both hot dogs were good but I liked the Polish hot dog the best.

After having these filling hot dogs, I understand why this place is always packed… the foods pretty good and it’s really cheap.  Surprisingly, I think the Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream is actually more expensive than the hot dog and drink.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  3 / 5

4500 Still Creek Drive
Burnaby, BC

Costco Food Court on Urbanspoon

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