Koryo Korean BBQ (Richmond Centre) – Jumbo Combo for Jumbo Appetites

Korean restaurants tend to be a bit on the expensive side and the same can be said of their fast food counterparts.  Take, for example, Koryo Korean BBQ located in the Richmond Centre food court (which has free wi-fi).  At $9.99, their Jumbo Combo is one of the more expensive dishes in their menu but you really do get a lot of food.

The Jumbo Combo comes with freshly grilled beef ribs, beef, chicken, dumplings and your choice of four different side dishes along with 2 helpings of rice.

I opted for the tempura-battered deep fried zucchini, garlic potatoes, green beans, and egg sticks.

While I love the way the garlic potatoes has a nice crispy skin and soft flesh, the egg sticks (kind of like tamago) was a little mushy.

Since they grill all of the meat items in front of you, everything was still juicy and fresh.

Definitely enough to satisfy most hunger pains and then some.

*Update:  The Richmond Centre Food Court is currently undergoing a large renovation – half of the previous food outlets are unavailable as they transition to the mall’s new “Dining Terrace” concept.  I’m not sure if Koryo will still be around after the renos are done.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

1710A – 6551 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Koryo Korean Barbeque (Richmond Centre) on Urbanspoon

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