Kirin Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Usually when we stop by City Square for some shopping, we stop by Kirin for dim sum.  Depending on the week, it can get pretty busy here during dim sum (especially around things like Mother’s Day or Chinese New Year).  Fortunately, when you’re just a two-person party, it’s pretty easy to squeeze in.

A lot of the dishes that we ordered this time were ones we’ve tried before… like the Steamed Prawn and Scallop with Pea Pod Dumpling.  It seems that a lot of the dishes here at dim sum comes in threes (whereas other dim sum restaurants might give you fours).

The Deep Fried Tofu Puff Stuffed with Prawn Stuffing was really good.  The tofu puff was thin and the stuffing reminded me of the stuffed crab claws that you get during wedding and birthday celebrations.

The Sui Mai with Tobiko was one of the few dim sum dishes that we had that came with four pieces.  These large dumplings are filled with a mix of pork and prawn pieces – unlike some other restaurants, I could easily discerne the different chunks in the dumpling.

The Steamed Minced Beef Balls with Tangerine Peel was good but I couldn’t taste any tangerine flavour – I’m thinking they must have given us regular minced beef balls instead.

The last time we came to Kirin City Square for dim sum, our Chinese Donut Rice Roll came topped with bonito flakes.  This time around, instead of bonito flakes, it came served topped with shredded pork floss.  The deep fried donut in the centre was super crispy and had a great textural contrast to the soft rice roll.

Our Mango Pudding dessert came shaped like a heart (which I guess was appropriate because it was the weekend before Valentine’s Day).

The prices are a little more expensive than other dim sum places but the service is on the better side (for a Chinese restaurant).

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

555 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Kirin Seafood Restaurant 玉麒麟海鮮酒家 (City Square) on Urbanspoon

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