Genji Japanese Restaurant

Genji Japanese Restaurant has been around for a couple of years and I’ve often wondered how.  Located in the Market Crossing shopping area (near the Marble Slab Creamery), this spacious Japanese restaurant always seems to be empty whenever we pass by.

One of the cool fixtures that they have are the unique lights that are shaped like ancient sailing ships.

While the 3D geisha artwork is interesting, they are quite small and makes the large walls look empty by comparison.

The prices at Genji seem to be a little bit on the expensive side given the location and portion size.

We initially wanted to try the Caterpillar Roll which is listed on the Chef’s Recommendations but were told that the chef wasn’t in until after 1pm so we couldn’t order any of those special rolls.

It seemed a bit odd that the chef wouldn’t come in until after lunch but I suppose that’s one of the reasons why this place is always so empty.

Our meal came with Miso Soup – it was okay… it wasn’t the best that we’ve had but it wasn’t too bad either.

We decided to try the Kaki Fried and were surprised at how small the oyster pieces were.  I’m not even sure if these were full oysters or if they were oyster pieces because there was almost as much batter as there was oyster.  On the plus side, the spicy dipping sauce was pretty good.

I’ve been having a craving for good fried chicken so I picked the Chicken Karaage.  I admit, I’m a bit of a chicken karaage snob – I just think that restaurants should be using boneless chicken when they make karaage and not just chicken wings.  If you’re going to serve chicken wings, just say that they’re chicken wings!  Overall, these wings were a tad small but okay for chicken wings.

Since we couldn’t order the Caterpillar Roll, we decided to try their House Roll which combines salmon, tuna, avocado, water eel, and cucumber into one giant roll topped with masago.  I suppose you can tell that their chef wasn’t in because the roll was a bit too loosely packed which made it easy to fall apart.  Also, they went a little skimpy with the masago and eel – you could hardly see it in some of the pieces.

This might be a little nit-picky but I also found that their soy sauce dish was not very practical.  The dish looked cute but it was deeper than it was wide – which makes it difficult to dip a large sushi piece like their House Roll.  A shallower soy sauce dish would have been much easier to use.

The one saving grace was the Oyako Don – chicken, egg, immitation crab stick, fish paste slices (kamaboko), onion, carrots and mushrooms all mixed together into a big bowl.

If you’re looking for sushi in the Market Crossing area, try the fish market (Fresh. Ideas. Start. Here.) that’s opposite Genji.  Their sushi chef isn’t always in but the prices are pretty good and you know the sushi is going to be super fresh.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

7533 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC

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