Joey Coquitlam – March Madness

I have no idea why March Madness is so freakin’ huge in Canada.  US college basketball?  Seriously?  The thing I dislike about basketball is that the scores always seems too high (except for that crazy Oregon/Portland high school girls championship match recently where the score was 16-7).  Soccer, on the other hand, is too low scoring for my tastes… give me a good old fashioned Canadian hockey game any day. 

Why do I bring this up in a food blog?  Well, we were out at Joey Coquitlam the other weekend and March Madness was in full swing with people glued to the humongous full-wall projection tv in their bar area.

We just can’t stop ourselves from ordering the Sushi Cones when we go to a Joey restaurant.  These are so much easier to eat than the Japanese ones made with nori.

The Blazing Wings lives up to its moniker… these were nice and spicy.  I think I ate too many because my mouth was turning a little numb from the hot sauce by the end of the meal.  I wish they had some other varieties of wings to round out their menu… Thai or honey garlic would be great.

The Lobster Grilled Cheese comes along with their fabulously tasty skinny fries and a cocktail dipping sauce.  They cut up the grilled cheese into quarters for you to make dipping a little easier.   I can’t say that I really tasted the lobster very much but I liked that the texture had a nice crunchy exterior and it was cheesy enough for me.  For $15, it wasn’t too bad – not as good as the Atlantic Lobster and Shrimp Roll at Rodney’s Oyster House, but that’s another story.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

550 Lougheed Hwy
Coquitlam, BC

Joey Coquitlam on Urbanspoon

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  1. The food has always been good here, and is consistent. It’s nice to have an option like this to dine out in Coquitlam where you would normally have to drive to the big city.

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