Tamarind Hill (New West) – Malaysian Food Near the Nexus of the Universe

After a long hike at Stanley Park, we came home hungry and tired.  Memories of the roti canai at Malay Curry House gave me a craving for some Malaysian food so we headed out to the small New West location of Tamarind Hill on 6th Avenue.

I tend not to head into New West too often because I always get confused with the Streets and Avenues… I never remember which ones go North-South and East-West.

Fortunately, Tamarind Hill is close to 6th and 6th (I’m not sure how the same street/avenue can intersect with itself… it must be the nexus of the universe!).  The entrance is actually on 7th so this was pretty easy to find.

The restaurant is a little small and rather dimly lit – we were fortunate enough to arrive around 5:30pm because the tables started to fill up rather quickly by 6pm.

We started out our meal with a Havana Night martini (vodka, triple sec, mango, and passion fruit juice, and grenadine) and a Mango Colada.  The non-alcoholic mango colada was really good and came in a super tall glass.  With the recent sunshine that we had this weekend, it’s easy to sip this drink and think of being in a far-off sunny locale.

What we really came for was the Roti Canai – this came with a wondefully puffy and crispy texture.  The curry dipping sauce was pretty good but we ran out before we finished the roti.  Fortunately, the roti was just as tasty dipping in some of the other sauces that we had.

We picked up an assortment of Satays (chicken, beef, and lamb) – just like the roti, this is typical street hawker food.  The bite-sized meat portions are marinated with lemongrass, turmeric, onions, and coriander and was served with a hot (not spicy) peanut sauce.

The Malaysian Style Laksa comes in a huge bowl and includes dried shrimp, tiger prawns, chicken, fresh bean sprouts, egg, and fish cakes in a very flavourful and hearty broth.  Surprisingly, the rice vermicelli didn’t seem to imbibe much flavour from the broth but I still enjoyed drinking the soup.

The Kari Lamb came prepared in a rich and spicy curry sauce with potatoes and served with rice.  I thought the boneless lamb was a little on the tougher side and not as tender as I would have liked… stil, the dish was pretty good and had plenty of flavour to it.

The Okra, Eggplant and Green Bean Trio with Sun Dried Shrimp was really good.  I especially liked how tender the okra pieces were as we’ve had some okra at other restaurants that wasn’t as tender.

We were pretty full after the previous dishes but we rarely order dessert at restaurants unless it’s a special occasion so we picked up the Mango Gelato.  I could have done without the toasted coconut sprinkles – I thought it just interferred with the enjoyment of the creamy gelato texture.

Food:  4.5 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

628 6th Avenue
New Westminster, BC


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