Fraser Park Restaurant – Elevenses

Like so many others, I’ve often driven past this hole-in-the-wall diner without even noticing it.  Just a block or two away from the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, this little gem is a favourite of locals.

I heard that this small diner gets busy during peak times so I dropped by for an early lunch – or as I like to call it… elevenses (I know that elevenses is usually a light meal, but time-wise, it sounds right).

Like Jimmy’s Place, the menu is written on large chalkboards.

It’s a good thing that I got here just after 11am because by 11:30, this place got packed.  While my food came out fairly quickly (maybe 5 minutes), I could tell that the late-comers were having to wait for their meals.  I picked one of the favourites… the German Breakfast for $7.95.  Apparently, you can also get a deluxe version of the German Breakfast which comes with an added schnitzel and gravy.  The meal comes with 4 triangles of toast – not much to say here… just seemed like regular toast (unlike the awesomely fresh multigrain toast that we had at The Bakehouse in Dundarave).

The German Breakfast comes with 3 eggs scrambled with onions and cheese, bacon, cured ham, potato pancakes, hashbrown potatoes, and Anton’s handmade sausage.  The cured ham was okay but I preferred the bacon over the ham.  Similarly, the sausage was just okay – I was expecting it to be stellar given the rave reviews I’ve seen for it.  I read a sign at the register that Anton was still away so maybe it’s just missing his personal touch to the special Anton handmade sausage.

This was a really good portion size for $7.95 and the eggs were much better than I expected – I think the onions and cheese really did the trick.  Plus, the hashbrown potatoes (which are more like golden medallians cut in half) were nice and crispy on both sides and still tender on the inside.

I hope this place stays as a local secret because if it gets any busier, it would be impossible to get a seat here during peak hours.  Service was pretty good when I arrived but I don’t think they are set up to properly handle the really busy lunch hour.

Update:  I brought my wife here one Saturday for breakfast and we tried the Spanish Style Omlette (which comes with toast, hashbrowns, and those wonderful potato pancakes).  While the omelette was quite good… it’s really a lot of food so make sure you come hungry.  Plus, it was super busy at 9am and it took over 1/2 hour for our food to come out.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

4663 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC

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