Tomahawk Restaurant

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about the Tomahawk Restaurant in North Vancouver for years but never found the time to stop by.  In truth, I’m not a fan of having to cross a bridge if I don’t have to plus I’ve heard that the line ups to this popular establishment is legen – wait for it dary!

The stars must have aligned for us this Saturday morning because we dropped by a little past 10am and we were able to get a seat immediately (in fact, there were a couple of other empty tables when we arrived).  By around 10:30am, the place was packed and there were tons of people waiting in the little gift shop to get seated.

This place is much smaller than I pictured in my mind and seating is a bit tight.  We had just been seated at a comfy table for four and were perusing the menu when the waitress asked if she could move us to a smaller table because a large group had just arrived and they wanted to move a couple of tables together.  Aside from this, service wasn’t too bad.

These BC-centric maps of Canada used as placemats were interesting to read while we were waiting for our food to arrive.

It didn’t take too long for my Hot Chocolate topped with real whipped cream to arrive.  The piping hot chocolate was moderated by the cool whipped cream which allowed me to enjoy the drink without scalding my mouth.

The only problem was that the whipped cream soon melted in the hot chocolate.

The breakfast menu is exactly like what you would expect from a greasy spoon diner.

They offer organic eggs for an extra $0.50 per egg for any of their egg dishes and we decided to go for it – although in the end, I don’t think I noticed a big difference in the taste or appearance of these eggs (we usually buy organic eggs at home but these didn’t seem any different than regular eggs).

The Vegetarian Omelette is a bit small – it’s made with two eggs – but they make up for it by piling on a heaping dose of diced hash brown potatoes and 4 triangles of toast (quite carb intensive).  it would have been better if they had diced the tomato instead of having it as a slice and there really wasn’t much bell peppers in the omelette but there was a good amount of baby spinach.

The Yukon-Style Bacon & Eggs comes with 5 slices of Yukon-style bacon, 2 eggs (choice of fried or scrambled), 4 triangles of toast and a huge pile of hash browns.  This dish was pretty good – I ordered my eggs over easy and the yolk was perfectly runny.  The multigrain toast was pretty good (not as good as The Bakehouse in Dundarave but still pretty good).  I thought the diced hash brown potatoes were just okay – I would have preferred if they had more of a crisp to them.

The Yukon-style bacon was definitely the best part of our visit.  If I had known, I would have ordered the Mixed Grill which comes with 9 pieces of Yukon-style bacon (along with an increased risk of heart disease).

The food here was fine enough for breakfast – but I really wouldn’t wait 30 minutes in a line up for it.

Food:  3.5 / 5
Service:  3.5 / 5

1550 Philip Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

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