Acme Café – Baked Eggs Benny

Acme Café is a popular diner located in Gastown near the old Woodward’s building.  The Downtown East Side has been constantly evolving over the years – and while there are still plenty of signs of urban decay, gentrification is well underway with many new (and sometimes old) businesses like Meat & Bread, Save on Meats and Cartems Donuterie all opening up along East Hastings Street.

This hip little diner has tall ceilings with minimalistic white walls that suits their approach to the food they serve.  Acme doesn’t have a grill, so they can’t flip eggs over-easy or over-hard.  So as a restaurant, how do you handle this when breakfast is one of your main draws?  What they say is true… necessity is the mother of invention.

As like many of my other breakfast meals, I started out with Hot Chocolate ($3.25) since I’m not a coffee drinker.  Of course, I opted for the whipped cream – who wouldn’t?

As I was mentioning, Acme doesn’t have a grill so they make up for this by making some creative twists on the usual breakfast fare.  Take, for example, the Baked Eggs Benny – layers of English muffin, eggs and ham all baked and topped with hollandaise sauce with shredded redskin potatoes and endive leaves ($10.50).

This kind of felt more like a quiche than eggs benny but I’ll give them thumbs up for good execution.  Oh, and the shredded potatoes were simply awesome – as good as or better than any hashbrown potato breakfast accompaniment I’ve had elsewhere.

Very friendly service – I sat at the rounded counter and had a good view of the whole café and the food being prepped.  I’d like to come back someday and try out their mac & cheese with bacon folded in.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4.5 / 5

51 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC

Acme Cafe on Urbanspoon

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