Jules Cafe

Jules Cafe is a new establishment that just recently opened up on Rumble Street near Royal Oak.  Serving up freshly made sandwiches, burgers, salads and baked goods, Jules fills a much needed niche along this growing corridor.

Located on the same block as Makoto, Jules Cafe is a far cry from the sketchy-looking Georgio’s Cafe located across the street and has bright red interior walls and is very bright and inviting.  Their menu hangs from the ceiling and the open kitchen allows you to watch as your meal is prepared.

I tried the Jules Clubhouse Sandwich Combo ($4.75 + $2.25) which comes served on your choice of toast along with lettuce, tomato, bacon and a slice of pickle.  The clubhouse was pretty tasty and had a fair amount of chicken piled up.  I would have preferred it if the filling was more evenly spread out across the whole sandwich but I understand that piling it in the middle of the sandwich makes it appear larger.

The fries could have been a bit crispier for my liking but I polished them off so I guess I must have liked them.

The prices seemed pretty reasonable and I’m sure they will get a lot of business from nearby Burnaby South Secondary during the school year.

The day I visited, there were a lot of staff working (no doubt practicing/training) – I think I counted at least 9 people working behind the counter.  As they’ve just opened, a lot of the other patrons appeared to be friends or acquaintances of the owners and were there to provide support.

They are currently cash only and open Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm and Saturday-Sunday, 9am to 3pm.


Update:  I finally got the chance to try out the breakfast at Jules Cafe and wound up with the Traditional Breakfast.  For $4.25 you get your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham along with eggs any style, hash browns, toast, and fruit.

The eggs were cooked gorgeously with the golden yolks perfectly runny.  Plus the hash browns were nicely crisp on the exterior.

Food:  4 / 5
Service:  4 / 5

5205 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. i really enjoy your food reviews. I have on my computer desktop about 15 various local Vancouver food blogs saved to my ”favorites”. Your style of writing (and the photos) is down to earth, very easy and friendly. It’s like talking to a very good neighbor or a friend who is emailing you a new place they just discovered. Keep it up! ciaoooo!

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