Quiznos (Arbutus Walk)

We were picking up some fruits from the new Edible Arrangements store on Arbutus when we were feeling the urge for some lunch.  We immediately noticed the aroma coming from the Quiznos located a few doors down and figured why not? 

I remember when Quiznos first popped up in the Lower Mainland… the idea of hot toasted sandwiches was a welcome addition since prior to that, I was just used to places like Subway and Mr. Sub.

Nowadays, I find that the oven toasting process that they use really isn’t as good as I remembered it to be.  Unless you eat the sandwich right away, the bread gets soft and mushy rather quickly.  Perhaps if they used a crusty roll like those banh mi shops use, things would be different.

I’m guessing that the pimply-faced kid who was making our subs was new to his job (I hope) because he didn’t seem to know what went into the subs that we ordered… he had to keep referring back to the picture of the menu behind him to figure out what went into the subs.

This is the Chicken Carbonara (chicken, mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms and alfredo sauce).  As I mentioned earlier, despite toasting the sub, the bread was quite soft and without a hint of a crisp exterior by the time we got home.  I do like the hot peppers that they give you with their subs though.

I was really kind of disappointed with the BBQ Pulled Pork (shredded pork, pickles, mustard and cheese)… the picture on their billboard looked much better than this.  The aforementioned pimply-faced kid actually had to ask someone else working at the shop how to make it.  I didn’t find that the pork had much flavour to it and could have used some bbq sauce.

Perhaps the problems that we had with the food here this day was due to a new employee who didn’t know what he was doing.  They did ask if I wanted to add veggies to the subs but I wanted to try the subs as they were pictured in the posters – maybe they would have been better if I had gotten them fully loaded.  One thing for sure is that if you get subs at Quiznos, you should eat them right away (or re-toast them yourself before you eat them if you are grabbing them to go).

Food:  2.5 / 5
Service:  2.5 / 5


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  1. After reading this post, my wife suggested that I was too harsh in calling the person a “pimply-faced kid”. I just wanted to offer my apologies… I am well aware of the difficulties of working in a service-based environment. My use of the term was not meant to focus on teenage acne. Everyone (myself included) has gone through that phase and can appreciate the stress it can cause. Rather, my use of the term was to make reference to a person who was inexperienced because of their youth.

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